Lodestone Counselling
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What is counselling?

What will counselling be like with me?

You are in safe hands. I have over 10 years experience of counselling in the NHS and other agencies, helping people like you with a range of issues and circumstances. I will help you get to the heart of your problem quickly so we can explore ways to get you back in charge of your life and making decisions that are right for you.

You will feel supported as we work towards your solutions. I will explore with you what’s been happening in your life, to make sense of how you’ve been shaped, the reasons behind your decisions and behaviours. We will look at how you can change and develop so that the issue which has been bothering you can be resolved or at least understood.

You will be heard. I know that often people feel they are not listened to in their daily lives but while we are together you will be listened to. It’s not always easy to talk about things. People find it really hard and sometimes painful, but I guarantee that once it’s out there it has a chance to be resolved.

I will maintain confidentiality, we will establish clear boundaries, and I will never judge you

You will have space and time to reflect. I work in a peaceful, comfortable therapeutic space in which we will have opportunity to explore your solutions.

What do I offer?

I offer short term, solution-focused therapy about specific issues, typically lasting about 6-10 sessions. Or I offer longer term, open ended therapy, if you need time to explore a range of issues or anxieties.

I have recently trained in Couples Therapy for Depression with Tavistock Relationships to supplement my couples counselling training. I can offer support to couples who are committed to making their relationship work or if they wish to part amicably.

Student counselling

As an accredited Humanistically trained counsellor, I am recognised by training institutes to offer appropriate therapy to trainees. I am experienced in the expectations required of student counsellors and am able to work with the accompanying stresses of this difficult process. I offer extended hours and weekend appointments to fit in with the balancing act of the course requirements, supervision, a placement and personal development.

You have really helped me think everything through, at a time in my life when I have been making several adjustments. You are such an insightful clever lady, so warm and easy to talk to. I guess this makes you extremely good at your job!